Pre-assembled water cooling and treatment systems

Integrated system management with remote control

Electrical power and control boards have been designed to automatically manage functions which are typical of cooling circuits with evaporation towers. Operational logic managed by touchscreen PLC ensures maximum system control safety by incorporating all functions and keeping electric components to a minimum. The main functions can be programmed by operators from a colour touchscreen panel. The apparatus is housed in a strong metal cabinet protected with anti-corrosion paint. The front has all the commands and warning lights necessary to check system status clearly. The switchboard autonomously adapts the system to the heating capacity required. It is possible to manage the system and configure operational setpoints from the touchscreen display. All alerts are flagged with flashing warning lights and the PLC display shows the type of alert flagged including relevant history. Backup pumps start automatically when an operating pump fails. The anti-seize function operates the backup pumps weekly. The anti-freeze function prevents damage caused by frost and ice. The switchboard can be controlled remotely with start/stop commands and notification of general alerts.