Pre-assembled water cooling and treatment systems


A correctly sized evaporation tower ensures high efficiency under the most adverse wet bulb conditions, something that may occur for limited periods and therefore the system is oversized during most of its operation. Our inverters can adapt motor operation to actual load conditions continuously, thus reducing management costs considerably.

Robustness and water resistance enable visible installation without the use of costly cabinets, providing significant benefits relating to regulation and control.

Main characteristics:

The noise level produced by the motor is extremely low thanks to high switching frequency and an almost continuous sinusoidal current waveform.
No additional cabinets required
Everything incorporated as standard (sealed against dust/water, RFI filter, three-phase reactance, braking chopper)
Easy to install and use
Low noise level (inverter and motor)
Broad range of control options (via I/O or panel display field bus)
Broad range of functions (e.g. fully programmable I/Os, automatic identification, PID regulator, coupling at speed)
High performance levels
No torque ripple
Temperature-controlled cooling fan
Standard braking chopper
Integrated EMC/RFI filter
Multi-monitor display
IP 54