Pre-assembled water cooling and treatment systems

Pumping units

Our water circulation units are designed for use in cooling systems with evaporation towers. They are provided preassembled, ready for fitting to plants, and assembled on sturdy base frames in painted steel with adjustable feet for ground levelling.

Outlet and inlet manifolds, suitably sized to reduce flow turbulence as much as possible, the use of anti-vibration joints and the rigidity of the frame/manifold system contribute to the absence of vibration and resonance phenomena.

Maintenance operations are facilitated with the complete dismantling of all components fitted using zinc-plated bolts and screws.

The use of a normalised electric centrifugal pump unit with direct pump/motor coupling with EN 733-standard dimensions and performance levels will ensure ongoing interchangeability and reliability over time.

Particular focus was put on choosing electric pump characteristics to obtain maximum performance under the operating conditions for which they were designed.